WHAT DO YOU GET? Multimedia presentation – what is: genius, passion, talent, karma of the previous incarnation, indigo children. What are the options for an alternative upbringing of a small person (Juul, anti-pedagogy, the Steiner’s concept, Slavic, shamanic, Indian, free/wild children, children of the forest, Peaceful parenting, Closeness parenting, global education). Creating a therapeutic circle. Discovering the family ecosystem. What kind of parent am I? Who is my child? Types of temperaments / elements in the family. Emotional education – practical learning of Nonviolent Communication. Practical learning of global education from birth, right hemisphere education, multilingualism and developing the child’s potential according to his well-being and his important development stages (R. Steiner, Shichida, Sztetinin, Doron, Doman, Polgar).