WHAT DO YOU GET? Multimedia presentation – What is creativity, human chakras, the concept of human action in the world (Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Kabbalah – will, beauty, mind; heart mind guts). Slavic fairy tale, Slavic fairy tale and storytelling. Review of various types of creation, expression, art that strengthen and create the will-heart-mind connection (world theaters, folk dance, rituals, traditional singing, handicrafts, clothes, ephemeral art, meditation mandalas, Malort art, children’s art, calligraphy, melorecitation) old books). Creating a therapeutic circle. Practical creation of art depending on the specific mood and need, art therapy, meditation – Malort formulations, calligraphy, creative writing, mandalas of everything, body painting with henna, learning mantras and Slavic songs from passage rituals, Sufi dance, creating motanki dolls, plaiting selvedges and wreaths, creating puppets / puppets and creating a fairy tale theater